The Abraham Lincoln Bicentennial Plaza

bicentennialplaza lincoln state park

The Abraham Lincoln Bicentennial Plaza was unveiled and officially dedicated on June 12, 2009. The Indiana Abraham Lincoln Bicentennial Commission commissioned this piece of public artwork as a lasting legacy to the bicentennial year of Lincoln’s birth and his formative years spent growing up in Indiana.

The plaza was conceptualized, designed, and sculpted by George Morrison and Will Clark.

Some interesting facts about the memorial plaza…

  • The plaza was constructed using Indiana limestone from the Empire Quarry in Oolitic, Indiana which also supplied stone for the Empire State Building.
  • The largest stone in plaza weighs 3400 pounds
  • There are 94 pieces of stone contained in the memorial
  • The stone pillars in the memorial weigh 1,700 pounds and each match Lincoln’s adult height of 6t feet 4 inches.
  • The bust is made of bronze and weighs about 400 pounds.
  • The bust was cast at the Shidoni Foundry near Santa Fe, New Mexico